Dresser Tangent

The big reveal for my friend's room is coming, but I have to interrupt with a brief dresser tangent... As I showed in my inspiration board last week, I really wanted to find a nice, mid-century modern chest of drawers for my friend's room makeover. The space is tiny, so a little dresser similar to the one below would be perfect. I love the white and walnut combo, so I thought I might paint the drawers or the frame.


My search quickly became frustrating. It seems that the going rate on Craigslist for a MCM six or nine drawer chest ranges between $300 and $1000. That means I could've easily used up my entire budget and more on a single piece of furniture... I just kept searching. Then I found this awesome 9-drawer Dixie chest for $300. I made a lowball offer of $175, and the seller said I could have it for $185. Awesome, right?

photo 1.JPG

Wrong. I was just about to hop in the car to pick it up when she emailed to say that she got a higher offer and was giving me the boot. She didn't actually say it like that, but that's how I took it.

photo 1.JPG

After my pity party, I started looking again. Eventually, I found an obscure posting for a wood dresser for $100. The picture was tiny, but it looked promising. Unfortunately I didn't keep the Craigslist post, but it was obvious that whoever was selling it didn't realize what they had. I emailed to see if it was available, and they said it was, but I'd have to get it that afternoon. I asked if they would take $80 for it, and they agreed. I am sometimes kind of paranoid about  Craigslist, so I convinced my sister to come along with me. It didn't take much convincing though, 'cause she is the best little sister ever.

When we arrived, we were greeted by this adorable elderly couple and this gorgeous little Bassett dresser. Turns out they were the original owners!?!? How often does that happen on Craigslist? I gave them my $80 and followed the old lady's particular instructions of how the dresser should be loaded into the car. When you have owned a dresser for 50 years, and managed to get it through those 50 years without a scratch, I think you deserve to be as bossy as you want. 

This is an awful picture (more coming soon!), but here's my $80 beauty:


It probably goes without saying, but I totally ditched the idea of painting the drawers. It would've felt like vandalizing that little old lady's 1960's dream. Just couldn't do it....

What do you all think about painting vintage pieces? I have found that this topic stirs up quite a bit of controversy. When my re-upholstered armchair got featured on Apartment Therapy some months back, I was shocked by how fiercely opinionated people were about staying true to the details of the era. I get it, but I didn't realize it was such a big deal. I'd love to hear what you all think...


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